Sunday, February 1, 2015

Fifth Grade Camp

Fifth grade camp offers exceptional learning opportunity
Camp links outdoor classes to classroom learning

     Fifth grade camp is a Haisley tradition that started nearly 14 years ago when Mrs. Bono and Mrs. Schafer took their multi-age 4th/5th graders on overnight trips to Howell Nature Center. Soon Mrs. Shedd, Mrs. DeRosia and Mr. Weindorf enlarged the vision and all fifth graders attended at YMCA’s Camp Storer. This unique four-day school experience centers on outdoor education classes where students try a variety of new activities which connect to their classroom learning.  

     This year, Haisley’s fifth graders will be going to Camp Storer from May 26-29. We are in need of parents who can commit to staying with us the whole time or for one or more 24-hour time slots. The continuity provided by parents who can stay is essential. Please consider letting your work know that you will be volunteering for this wonderful opportunity at the end of May. 

     The price per student is mitigated by our camp fundraising efforts. This year, we have already raised money with our cookbook sales and Haisley resale shop (thank you Mrs. Shrag!). We will be having a Haisley Heart Dance (thank you Mrs. Lochmann!). We are collecting bottles (thank you Mrs. Christiansen!) and a Haisley Talent Show is also in the works (thank you Mrs. Tauber!).  

           Our next big fundraiser is Gourmet Snacks – all items $6.  We still need a parent volunteer to head this up. This is your opportunity to chip in and help!

Questions, suggestions, volunteering to help?  Just contact our wonderful parent volunteers below!
Kristin Lochmann     Michele Schrag
718-614-1102                              312-307-4322

     We are so grateful to all of the parents who are working to make this year’s camp a success. We can't do it without you!

Thank you everyone!

Schafer, Weindorf, Carnegie