Monday, November 24, 2014

News Blast: 11/24/2014

Ms. Scarnecchia Out:
Haisley families-I am writing to inform you that I will be out of school until January.  I have suffered some unexpected medical issues that I need to address.   Beginning Monday, recently retired AAPS Principal Shelley Bruder will be in place as Principal.  I know you will help me welcome her in to our Haisley family. Thank you in advance for your support.  I promise to do what the doctors say and will miss you and your children greatly!  Best wishes, Kathy Scarnecchia

Thank you to all of the generous families volunteering to support 12 Haisley families this holiday season.  We have matched all of our families and so, are no longer accepting volunteers.  There will be other ways to be supportive coming up soon.  Thank you all, Kathy

NO LEFT TURN: Parents please be careful when leaving the parking lot!  At the corner of the Haisley drive and Duncan Street, there is a NO LEFT TURN sign during bus shifts.  Tickets will be given!  Thank you for making that corner safe for everyone.

Keep Our Husky's Warm
Unless it's raining or, below twenty degrees, we will continue to have daily outdoor recess. Many of our kids arrive at school without the appropriate winter gear. You can help keep our kids warm on the playground and throughout the winter by donating new or gently used winter clothing. All items are welcome, especially hats and gloves, as they tend to get lost.  You may want to consider sending extra pants, socks, and underwear with your child as well.  There are many days when our playground is wet and a change of clothes comes in handy.

Amazon Smile 
Do you have an Amazon Smile Account? If so, let us remind you that when you shop at using your prime account .5% of your purchase will be donated to Haisley. Many of our will spend a fair amount holiday shopping on-line. Don't forget Amazon Smile!

Haisley Cookbook
We want YOUR most favorite family recipes - in our FIRST Haisley cookbook!   Please, add your family staples - very easily - following the instructions below - and be a part of this awesome 5th grade camp fundraiser!    We have already received some deeeeelicous recipes - that are going to available at your fingertips!   Take 5 minutes and follow the instructions below:  
Simply, log in to   
Organization Name: Haisley
Password: broccoli996
Type in your (up to 3) recipes!  That's it!  And then PRE-ORDER (WE WILL ONLY HAVE PRE-ORDERS) by December 19th - send your orders in your kids' backpacks - due December 19th!  .   It's $12 for one cookbook and $20 for two!  
Any questions? Contact Michelle Schrag at
Thank you so much for your time!  

6th Annual Skyline Madness 3-on-3 is on Saturday Dec 6th!  
Info/Registration packet is attached below. Only $60/team. Field limited to 32 teams. People can also go to our website for the details. On time entries are due by Friday Nov 21.