Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pep Rally: This Friday!!

Community Pep Rally -- Friday, October 24 @ 9am!!

Saturday, October 25 is the U of M versus MSU football game in East Lansing.  We are gathering our community in a spirited celebration of sportsmanship and higher learning.  Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend!!  Wear your favorite team's colors!!

In all of Ms. Parins' music classes, we are learning the words and music to the MSU and Michigan fight songs.  We have been learning about marching bands and the traditions that surround them.  In addition, the lower elementary students have spent time marching to music and learning a special song about marching bands.

All students have been singing the fight songs of MSU and U of M and finishing class with seeing some of America's best marching bands.  We have viewed MSU emerging from the tunnel and Michigan bands entering the field.  We talked about what is the same and what is different, and the discipline and energy it takes to be in a marching band.  We also discussed the life-long pride that comes with this experience.