Saturday, January 5, 2013

Haisley Heritage Festival

Haisley Heritage Festival
Thursday, January 31, 2013
6-8 pm
Your Help is Needed!

Parents and other members of the Haisley community are needed to make Heritage Festival a success!  Please contribute by operating an activity table or a food table to share a piece of your culture or another with which you are familiar, perhaps from your travels.  

Ideas for activity tables include:  
  • storytelling
  • henna painting
  • origami and other paper crafts
  • table games
  • mask making
  • weaving
  • and much much more!  
The activity should be easy to learn and do in about 10 minutes.  
Food tables have hors d'ouerves, desserts (or other type of "finger food") that represent a culture.  Ideas for food tables include: 
  • grape leaves
  • yakitori
  • potstickers/dumplings
  • fritters
  • spring rolls
  • latkes
  • croquette
Please avoid foods that contain nuts or that are cooked in nut oils.  
Volunteers will also be encouraged to decorate their tables to reflect the culture represented by the activity or food item(s).  

Volunteers are also needed for set-up and clean-up before and after the event.  Please contact Elana Levine, go to the Heritage Festival Website, or look for backpack mail during the week of January 7.